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a place to remove from the world, and be apart of Confessional Pop

I believe in the power of creating something and bringing it to life by music or writing, drawing, fashion, etc. Vulnerability and the guts to share highly personal things so that others can connect and relate is why I am sharing these songs. 



Cecilia Gault is looking to bring depth to top charts with her records. The singer-songwriter effortlessly blends a playful and insightful perspective on adolescence in New York City with exuberant pop hooks, the right dash of musical sophistication, and profound multi-instrumental skills. 

Her mastery of vocal dynamics is dazzling, her phrasing is sensual and in her singing she spans sultry low tones, breathy high tones, skyward melodies, and detached cool middle register vocalizing.

Cecilia describes her background as being “a product of diversity and mixed-cultures in love and harmony.” Growing up in a bicultural household—Irish and Japanese—she was exposed to a diverse array of traditions and this openness also informed the music she was exposed to.